Technology emerging leads the global transient as the world has entered a digital era combining virtual and real. Digital Investment and asset management is providing more opportunities to customers for asset preservation and appreciation- under lower thresholds with more convenient and safe ways. CrypTo Digital Asset Management (CrypToDAM) is composed of experts devoted in blockchain project incubating, alongside with a professional team focused on asset management & consulting with more than ten years’ history. Based on the characteristics of cryptocurrency assets and the financial industry, CrypToDAM has built a system of cryptocurrency asset management, investment, financing and incubating. The service system provides equity investment and full-life cycle project service support for crypto start-up projects, and also provides a safe and reliable digital asset investment window for more qualified investors used to come from the non-blockchain field.

CrypToDAM offers

technology/ finance/ marketing/ incubation for crypto-startups.


Brand Equity / Public relations / Product promotion / Event planning.


Dozens of communities with more than 100k people which has been active for more than 3 years.


Provide full life-circle supports for blockchain technology, infrastructure, and tools, especially DeFi and Dapps etc.


Professionals from the traditional asset management alongside with the blockchain field to provide crypto-financing consultation and capital opportunity.


Providing seed funding for early stage projects, matching and docking with industry resources.


Introducing traditional financial FOF underlying the characteristics of decentralized finance, and offering institutional investment for crypto-startups.

Service Process

According to initial project analysis, to allocate specific project manager for communication and project management.

Due diligence of market and industry based on big data, alongside technical upgrading, marketing model, and provide token equity investment opportunities for different stage of companies.

Establishing project operation models based on the results of due diligence, formulating marketing strategy and providing financial advise with a regular basis.

Implementation of the six core services by a specific project manager and the team. KPIs will be verified on a regular basis.

We invest in both private equity and tokens for projects in the early stage to manage a portfolio of crypto assets. Additionally, we provide support to entrepreneurs by multiple rounds of investment in both private and public markets. We endeavour to digital asset management and development of crypto applications at global scale, including RWA, DAO, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, decentralised social networks,web 3 apps, and Metaverse.


The team at Crypto Digital Asset Management consists of industry leaders, fund operators and investment specialists that excel in this rapidly developing market.


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